Our Services

We pride ourselves on our great customer service. Our business is extremely flexible to meet the changing needs and demands of the foodservice industry. Customers rely on us to source and stock great products from all around the world, whilst remain competitive and efficient. We also pride ourselves on our customer relationships, from the senior management team down, everyone in our team plays a part in making Perfex Foods the company it is through great customer service. We are confident that whoever you are currently buying your product from we will be able to improve your overall package.

Here’s What We Do Best

  • We get products you order, to your kitchen, when you want it.
  • We make deliveries to around Gauteng six days a week, and yes that includes Saturday!
  • We can take your order up to just a few hours before you need the product. Call the night before, up to midnight, and you can have a delivery next day.
  • We aim to make your life as easy as possible, whether that’s setting up a call with our telesales team at a time that suits you best, or giving you a ring because you might be too busy to call us.
  • We respond. We’ll return your calls, make that visit, send samples or whatever it is you need within reason and sometimes even without reason!
  • We recognize that as chefs our customers face the toughest challenge in satisfying the consumer. Without an excellent service we will quickly lose the confidence of our customers, so we try hard to say “yes” whenever we can.

But we will never forget that Perfex Foods exists because of our great customers and that is why you are at the forefront of everything we do.